k3 is back on track!

… vigorous as usual, with an additional, sound-expanding instrumentation and new compositions! 

Herbert Könighofer (sax, flutes, doublebass-clarinet, bass), Robert Kainar (drums, perc., electronics)
Klaus Kircher (double-bass, e-bass, guit.) surprise with each sound. Having referred to as the “enfants terribles of the Austrian Jazz scene” in the past, they walk on a on a tightrope between pop and free jazz.
Their genre-busting style oscillates between acoustically and electronically generated beats ‘n’ sounds. The trio boldly defies conventions and creates a space for artistic freedom. In doing so, they play Jazz in its original meaning: crossing borders, pushing boundaries… far out! – keeping aloof from clichés and mainstream, leaving the beaten track of academic, inane high-speed Jazz. Improvisation, spontaneity and humour are the main ingredients of the soup they stir up in their performances. 

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past projects: 
k3 goes to India with Ranajit Sengupta on sarode and vocals and Samir Nandi a.o. on tablas
New Year programme: k3 plays Strauss
Peter Blaikner & k3 “Ein Strauss für Mozart” 
“Ganz in Weiss”: pop song parade with k3 
k3- the karaoke show 
film scores for “Dark Glimpse On The White Gloved Mouse” by Gudrun Bittner  
k3 & Paul Thomas Bierau: “Die Männerschlacht”
with guests: Amy Denio, Otto Lechner, Nobulus, Karl Ritter, The Lumberjacks, Christian Wegscheider, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Gerry Dial, Nazide, Gottfried Stöger, Ranajit Sengupta, Prabir Kumar Mitra, DJ Aegyd and many others.

past shows (selection)
Puri Beach Festival (India), Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Jazzfestival Kolkata, Delhi International Arts  Festival, Jazzfestival Zagreb, Stadtfest Vienna, Wellenklänge Festival Lunz, Thüringer Jazzmeile …

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