Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur feat. Alokesh Chandra
14th of September 2023; 7:30 p.m.
Zum Lercherl von Hernals, 1170 Vienna

on a regular basis, we invite people to our living room to explore new formats, transcend genres, meet the neighbours, … and basically to just have a blast. Email if you fancy joining us!
past shows:
Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur
3rd of August, 2023; 7:30 p.m.
Zum Lercherl von Hernals, 1170 Vienna
Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur
13th of July, 2023; 7:30 p.m.
Zum Lercherl von Hernals, 1170 Vienna

Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur feat. Ranajit Sengupta & Sandip Ghosh

1st of June 2023 – Vienna
2nd of June 2023 – Neunkirchen

4th of May, 2023
Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur
Zum Lercherl von Hernals, 1170 Vienna
27th of January 2023
Broken Pieces, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Vienna
30th of October 2022
F# feat. Herbert Könighofer, at the 20th edition of Flame Jazz Cruise Festival, Baltic Sea
Two Moons: F# feat. Herbert Könighofer, Temppeliaukio Kirkko, Helsinki
28th of October 2022

Herbert Könighofer (various instruments, solo)
28th of May, 2022
donau_Kanal TV, Vienna, Austria

Herbert Könighofer (saxes, voc, flutes, a.o.) | Jeff Bouderaux (drums)
26th of May, 2022
private function, Neunkirchen, Austria

ZWEIKLANG “Willkommen in der neuen Zeit” – Herbert Könighofer (various instruments, solo)
25th of May, 2022
Stadtgalerie Lehen, Salzburg, Austria

Die Göttliche Komödie von Dante Alighieri – lecture & music:
Elisabeth Schrattenholzer & Herbert Könighofer

Friday, 5th of November 2021, 18:00
Wotrubakirche, Ottillingerplatz 1, 1230 Vienna

Alien Introspection – H.A.U.S. 
Saturday, 25.9.21, 12:00
esc medien kunst labor, Bürgerg. 5, Graz
Choreography, dance: Eva-Maria Kraft
Human-Robot Interaction: Darja Stoeva
Music: Thomas Pichler, Herbert Könighofer
Texts: Christoph Hubatschke, Oliver Schürer
Lecture Performance, concept: Oliver Schürer
The Hille – Könighofer Experience
The other Live / Life
Friday, 18th of September 2020, 14:00
virtual session on facebook live stream, from Vienna and Helsinki

2020 is hitting us hard. 
thoughts from March 2020

At this very moment, Herby should be sitting in some Hytti in Helsinki, catching funny Finnish phrases, such as Kalsarikännit (A drink. At home. In your underwear). Well, in the face of Corona-restrictions, the proverb finally does make a lot of sense! 

So here we are, stuck in Vienna, all tours and shows cancelled. Even the booking for fall seems in vain. Trust me – trying to sell a project with a Taiwanese counter-tenor to venues here in Europe does not prove to be extremely successful at the moment! I fully understand – who knows what the new world order is gonna look like?

But one thing we know for sure, is that we will all need some music. And that’s also something we do need right now. 

Therefore, we are busy as bees trying to figure out new formats to share our tunes, to allow us all to get out of the madness for a moment, to perform, listen and relax a little. 

Live from the Schwarzwaldklinik Porch 
One way that we have chosen, is Herbert Könighofer performing live on our porch. 2 – 3 times a week Herby sets up a minimal backline on our little porch (which is where he’s also cultivating his pumpkins these days). At sunset, he plays some tunes. Neighbors stand in their gardens or behind their windows and listen, the little boy next door is having a boogie. Dear friends from near and far have joined us for these shows on Social Media. We’ve had audiences from all over the planet – from Aotearoa to Finland, from Chad to Taiwan, or from India to the US. It’s kind of comforting to share these moments together, to realize that we are all in similar, yet very different situations. Anyways, the neighbors seem to love it and not only once have we been surprised by a little goodie-bag at our doorstep. This is one of our favorites: 


Even donau_Kanal – total.regional TV dropped by on self-isolation day 36 to report about the balcony-shows of Brian Brain – club audio provocateur.

Virtual – transcultural 

An other question that has been haunting us, is how to continue and to adapt international cooperations that have been the core of our work for the past years. Transcultural collaboration is the thriving energy of our projects – be it The Hille/Könighofer Experience, Moon on High, or Brian Brain – club audio provocateur.

Well, one option for sure is to go virtual. This will also be an option we should consider after “the crisis” – just hopping on a plane on a low budget flight to do a quick stopover concert has become a pretty old school idea by now. 

One project that is predestinated for this kind of collaboration is The Hille/ Könighofer experience. It actually started off as a digital collaboration that turned analogous on their first tour in Austria in 2016, performing their first show 30 Minutes after their first face-to-face encounter. 

Since Herby should be on a Finland tour together with Sid Hille these very days, we tried to arrange a virtual version of the show that should have taken place on the 27th of March at Temppelliaukio Church in Helsinki. Simultaneously, the two musicians performed: Sid in the empty Rock-Church in Finland, Herby in our living room here in Vienna. We merged their tunes via Social Media channels. It was meant to be a spontaneous test-run and that’s what it finally was – with numerous unexpected glitches, but all in all a surprisingly positive sound-experience and a lot of fun! The audience on our facebook pages could switch between Sid Hille’s and Herby’s page and get different perspectives, one from Helsinki and one from Vienna. You may re-watch them > here (Vienna) and > here. 

In May, Sid and Herby were supposed to tour Austria. In Vienna, they would have performed at Metatron Pharmacy, since the pharmacist perceives music as a complementary source in his main mission, namely to heal. In times of Corona, he and his team are “at the front”, providing continuous support. The Hille/ Könighofer Experience will do a virtual version of the concert, dedicated to all those who work in systemically relevant positions. 

The Hille/Könighofer Experience
Friday, 22nd of May, 7:30 pm CEST
> virtual venue on facebook

The cultural commission of Vienna’s 12th district has been kind enough to keep on supporting us in this virtual format with some funding that was meant for the original show. Thank you! 

You have been asking yourself what you can do to support us? We truly appreciate if you join us on Social Media – it’s uplifting to see people who care and appreciate our work in days like these, it cheers us up and keeps us going. And of course, you can also > purchase our tunes! Contactless downloads, what else! 

The Hille/ Könighofer Experience: All & Everything 
> bandcamp

Chuang/ Eisendle/ Könighofer: Moon on High
> iTunes
> amazon

Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur: The Weapon is Music
> iTunes 
> amazon

Take care, be safe and sound and #staythefuckhome! ❤️ 

BRIAN BRAIN – club audioprovocateur – The Hille/Könighofer Experience
November 2019, Finland

fin tour nov 19
Thursday, 21st of November, 2019, 11:00 – Workshop at Music School in Helsinki
Friday, 22nd of November, 2019, 15:00 – Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki
Saturday, 23rd of November, 2019, 15:00 – EMMA Museum, Espoo
Sunday, 24th of November, 2019, 14:00 – Sara Hildén Museum, Tampere
Monday, 25th of November, 2019, 18:00 – Digelius Record Store, Helsinki
Tuesday, 26th of November 2019, 13:00 – 17:00 Workshops, 19:00 concert – Keski-Pohjanmaan Konservatorio, Kokkola

Sid Hille – theremin, piano, fender rhodes, perc.
Herbert Könighofer – saxes, vocs., loops
“All & Everything”-CD-Release Tour


BRIAN BRAIN – club audioprovocateur – Blue Monday Sessions Neunkirchen
every first Monday of the month!
2nd of December, 2019, 19:30

FreiStil, Krinningergasse 15, 2620
Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur opener, followed by a jam session! Bring your instruments!


BRIAN BRAIN – club audioprovocateur duo (Könighofer, Boudreaux)

Herbert Könighofer – contra alto clarinet, saxes, voc, loops, a.o.
Jeff Boudreaux – drums

8th of October, 20:30 – CulturCafe Smaragd, Linz
12th of October, 20:30 – Cafe Amadeus, Vienna 

Drummer Jeff Boudreaux, who joins Könighofer’s club audioprovocateur for 2 shows in Vienna and Linz, was born in Lousiana. Musicians  he has worked with so far include Wynton Marsalis, Kenny Wheeler, Jim Pepper or Bobby McFerrin. The duo shows in Vienna and Linz allow the audiences to meet the legendary drummer in a homely atmosphere. Part of the concept of club audioprovocateur is to incorporate the listeners and the atmosphere intro the musicians’ improvisations. So get close and be there!



BRIAN BRAIN – club audioprovocateur – Moon on High 

Taiwan tour Oct./ Nov. 2019

Cheng-Ying Chuang – countertenor, lutes
Hannah Eisendle – piano, vocs.
Herbert Könighofer – saxes, flutes, vocs., loops, a.o.

18th of October, 20:00 – Concert & Impro Session with Mr. Chang at Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Hsinchu
19th of October, 13:00 – 18:00 – Charity Tea & Music event at the gardens of Boksulao, Tamsui
20th of October, 20:00 – Improvisation concert feat. Hsiao-Feng Lin at Lin’s culture, Taipei
22nd of October, 19:30 – Forum Music evening concert, Taipei
23rd of October, 19:30 – Workshop at 182 artspace, Tainan
24th of October, 19:30- Concert at Sound102, Tainan
25th of October, 19:30 – Concert at National Taiwan’s University Centre for the Arts, Taipei
27th of October, 11:00 – Dadong Culture and Art Center, Kaohsiung
29th of October, tba. – Workshop at Fo Guang University, Yilan
30th of October, 15:20 – Concert at Yilan University
31st of October, 21:00 – Duo Concert (Chuang/ Könighofer) at Blue Note, Taipei


The tour is friendly supported by the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria and by Kultur Niederösterreich:


special thanks also go out to our tour sponsor SUYIN connector:


and to our other partners: