Osama Zatar

Swords to Plowshares

osama plowshare1

You see a Muslim man, fidgeting around with a gun. His name is Osama.

Do you panic?

Keep calm… apparently, it’s “just” Osama Zatar, converting “swords into plowshares”. Or rather firearms into razors. Or drillers. Or some other useful things, aiming at “making the word a better place.” Making it nicer, creating something. Even music.

With his sculptural pieces, Osama Zatar plays with the fear of the audience. With their prejudice. And with the simple power of the moment, when relief kicks in the moment you realize, that Osama can pull the trigger and the scary weapon has turned into a mixer for fluffy cakes, that he can shave off his beard with a pistol, or cut your hedge with an MG.

In the performance which is part of the exhibition project, Zatar allows the audience to hold the weapons thus experiencing what feelings this may provoke.

Exhibition incl. performance & live music at opening available, for more information please contact booking@marmota-agentur.com

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