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The New Ship of Zion: Dynamic Diaspora Dimensions of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem (Afrika und ihre Diaspora)

The New Ship of Zion explores the dynamic Diaspora dimensions of the African Hebrew Israelites, a spiritual movement of African Americans who have traced their roots to Zion. With the successful establishment of thriving model communities in Israel and Ghana they have built up a framework for repatriation to the motherland. The resulting constructions of ethnic and cultural identity are the subjects of this book. It also sheds light on the ideological concepts of other communities that travel the same waters as the New Ship of Zion, such as the Rastafarians.

# ISBN-10: 3825810550 # ISBN-13: 978-3825810559, LIT Verlag
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mosesIn the Shadow of Moses

Tudor Parfitt‘s book “Journey to the Vanished City” has been a major source of inspiration for my research on the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem‘s diaspora and return, and has strongly coined The New Ship of Zion. I think I even carried it with me when visiting the Bold Spiritual Initiative in Ghana in 2001… Guess how excited & honoured I was when I was invited to contribute to “In the Shadow of Moses“, edited by Daniel Lis, Bill Miles and Tudor Parfitt himself! I have come up with a chapter titled “Who opened the Seven Seals?”, relating the realities of the Rastafari Movement to those of African Hebrew Israelites in the Kingdom Of Yah. The book has dropped with TSEHAI Publishers> purchase here!

Fire Inna Aotearoa

Presented at the IXth Interdisciplinary Congress of the Society for Caribbean Research in Vienna/Austria in 2005, my paper explores the ways in which rhizomic, diasporic flows of cultural expressions from the Caribbean correspond to the formation of syncretic subcultures and how African (and/or African American and/or Caribbean) arts convey social meaning to self-determination and resistance.
This paper focuses on the local indigenisation of Caribbean sounds of resistance in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand; and on how global solidarity against cultural imperialism and neo-colonial structures is generated:

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